An annexation has taken place, at least according to semi-prominent site Campus Reform. Campus Reform claims the Left have conquered college campuses. Campus Reform also claims the Left to be “genderless safe-space-loving pussies.”

Editor’s Note: FPE does not endorse this type of characterization of any polity direction.

So clearly the Left did not conqueror through strength. So they must have won the thought war on college campuses. This is understandable considering Howard Zinn and Karl Marx are much better writers than both Woodrow Wilson and Ann Coluter. Obviously, no sane historian should or would cite Ann Coluter.

Despite such a strong left-wing bias on campuses, super left-wing historian aren’t referenced all that often. Yes, there are openly communist professors and ultra left-wing professors, yet still they refrain from referencing super left-wing historians. We will leave it at that. Still admittedly, left-wingism (a neologism) is more commonly found on college campuses than right-wingism (yet another neologism). But this is not the bias that ultimately or truly matters.

Editor’s Note: FPE finds neologisms to be perfectly cromulent and hopes to embiggen their use.

Left-wing and right-wing individuals can easily be found on college campuses. If you’re looking for right-wing individuals: find a business major, find a frat bro, or follow James Meredith’s example and just enroll at the University Mississippi.

Turning Point USA divisions can be found at almost every major college including UCF, a place where some members student body had protested Charlie Kirk’s presence. My point being clearly made, no matter how many left-wing and right-wing ideas can be found the true strong bias is one of pointlessness.

Colleges perhaps accidentally create an environment of utter pointlessness. It is four years of job training most of which probably has nothing to do with your future occupation with most students not getting a job related to their field of study. Don’t forget you will most likely end up in massive debt after having paid for college because you probably took on large student loans which, unlike most other debt, are rarely discharged when filing for bankruptcy.

Very few college professors are radicals or are even in a position where they could reasonably attempt to effectively spread propaganda. It is very hard to talk about class consciousness in the middle of a medical laboratory sciences lecture. For the most part, students who take on any political idea while at college do so of their own initiative. Meanwhile, pointlessness defines the very essence of college. College has become a temporary stomping ground for the young adults of the American bourgeoisie until they move onto their cubical job or being an unpaid teacher in Oklahoma. It is a pointless exercise that has been ingrained into the arbitrary nature of society, government, and middle-class existence.

And students themselves range in every manner, from Ben Shapiro lovers to those who drown in alcohol 6 or 7 days a week, to dungeon masters, to typewriter poets, to state champion boxers, and so on. College students are just people doing their own thing, and people doing their own thing end up with their own opinions. Colleges are not factories bringing in innocent young adults and transforming them into Leninists. I understand I am exaggerating Campus Reform’s position but then again they are exaggerating their own position. From their own website, “College campuses are no longer bastions of higher learning. Leftist professors indoctrinate students with their agendas. They even silence conservative students with their attempts to suppress free speech.” Anyone who isn’t brainwashed or lives on a college campus must know this is clearly hyperbole. To give Campus Reform some credit, there are certainly examples individuals who have had are having their speech suppressed on college campuses such as Kent State or Erik Prince at Beloit College (which I must admit Erik Prince is a douchenozzle so the protesters were doing the right thing).

Also indoctrinating professors must be a thing by sheerly by the odds of it. Let’s be real: Most college students don’t spend their time obsessing over political ideology.  They too busy yelling UCF’s cornerbacks for their shitty play, shotgunning cans of Natty Light, and skipping class to binge Dexter.

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