What a mess, Joe Biden a terrible meme that won’t die finally announced he’s running for the presidency of the United States on the democratic ticket. Truly, I have never seen a rollout fail so tremendously. Joe Biden’s rollout ad titled “America Is An Idea” ironically presented no ideas at all.

Seriously, nearly the entirety of Joe Biden’s ad focused on the white nationalist rally and the counter rally in Charlottesville plus the ensuing aftermath. I think any person with emotions and logic can agree Charlottesville was an extremely tragically terrible situation. Yes, Charlottesville is endemic of greater national issues, however in order to solve national issues you need national policies.

The Youtube comment section of the posted ad summarizes the ad quite well. Commenter Audio Sane stated, “Okay, former vice president Biden. We agree that Nazis are bad. Now, what are your policy positions?” This was not the only comment of this nature, commenter Whatever4690 stated, “So instead of running on things to actually help people, Biden is running on vote for me because scary nazis.”

In the mind of Trumpeters, the ad can be summed up in a simple meme phrase, “ORANGE MAN BAD, Biden 2020,” and in this case, the Trumpeters are exactly right.

Why would Joe Biden focus his political launch ad entirely on racism, it is clearly a divisive and moronic call? It is just strange that the man who was against the desegregation of schools and buses suddenly care so much about racism.

The ad is also outdated and out of touch, they seriously couldn’t get anything right with this ad. Even the simplistic camera work is trash with some bizarre framing choices.

The last thing we heard about Biden before this disastrous launch was about how oddly handsy he is. In the wake of all this, it is looking like Joe Biden will be running a Jeb Bush style presidential campaign. Joe Biden keeps trying to run for president and keeps losing. Joe Biden is simply made to lose national elections in the same way Fox News hosts are made to angerly rant against fake socialism.

Why does Joe Biden think he stands a chance on the debate stage with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard when he couldn’t even out debate Paul Ryan. Ultimately I am excited for the memes that will come out this campaign and am excited to see a political hack get rightfully dunked on.

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