The Zombie Power Committee has nominated Florida to be the new home for the Zombie Turbine Field, which will be the future of the energy industry.  The way that the ZTF works, is that we attach zombies to turbines and dangle brains in front of them so that they turn the turbines and generate energy.  This is be great for the economy seeing as how it gets many unemployed zombies off of the streets and into this new jobs creation program.  The ZTF will also require uninfected humans to help round up zombies, maintain the fields, and secure a new source of energy for America.

The only reason why Florida was chosen to be the home of the ZTF is because of Miami’s reputation when it comes to generating zombies, good job Miami.  We will not disclose the exact location of the ZTF for safety and security reasons, but know that it is in Florida along with the rest of the crazies.

Jobs! Jobs! And Even More Jobs!

As previously mentioned, we are hiring for many positions.  There are positions for both humans and zombies alike, and in mass.  Each position comes with dental insurance as mandated by the Department of Dental Matters.

Job opportunities for zombies:
  • Laborer
  • Labor Leader
  • Laborer’s Representative
Job opportunities for humans:
  • Zombie Catcher
  • Security Guard
  • Labor Manager
  • Donut Maker
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Secretary
Corporate Positions:

Getting involved with a corporate/government job is a completely different matter entirely.  If you wish to be part of the Corporate team, then you will have to do such things as: betraying your morals, pretend that zombies don’t feel emotion, lying to congress about following the regulations (all corporations do this), ‘high-fiving’ the donut maker for doing a good job, and other similar tasks.  We will be filling in the following positions:

  • Head Honcho
  • Financial Manager
  • Donut Lord
  • Zombie Location Team
  • Yes-Man
  • Lawyer

If any of these positions interest you, email your resume at or call us at +1 (800) ZMB-POWR to schedule an interview.

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